Mold Making: Part 1

Hello Monsties!

Today I did a little mold making. I’m planning on putting up a video of the process YouTube, but for now I am waiting for the mold to cure. I plan on making a series of mold making posts and videos with different techniques. I am still very new to this so I figured I would share my journey, and some of the trials, tribulations, and mistakes I’ve made along the way.



Godzilla Toy

Foam Board

Hot Glue

Oomoo 30 + Amazing Mold Rubber (because I didn’t have enough oomoo)

mold box materials + zilla

mold box materials + zilla

Step 1: Build the Mold Box

Don’t do what I did and build a giant mold box and run out of mold making compound 3 times before being able to cover your object. Because Godzilla was so long, I got nervous and ended up making the mold box way too big. In retrospect, a more rectangular shape would have worked just fine.

Step 2: Glue your figure down inside the box

I initially had planned to glue Godzilla on his head, because his tail was so long I figured that would work best for pouring the casting material into the mold. But because he was so bottom heavy, it was clear the hot glue wasn’t going to be able to hold him upside down. So I glued the bottom of his feet and his tail down to provide an opening for the casting material and hopefully eliminate any problems.

Oomoo 30 is a 1:1 ratio mold making material

Oomoo 30 is a 1:1 ratio mold making material

Step 3: Mix and Pour Your Mold Making Compound

Follow the instructions on the box as ratios vary. Oomoo is a 1:1 ratio which makes it very easy. I always end up using all of the Amazing Mold Plastic in one go so that eliminates the need to measuring. Mix until the color becomes uniform, trying to prevent bubbles. And pour over the object slowly and from high up, until the object is completely covered.

Lots of bubbles coming to the surface. I hope this works.

Lots of bubbles coming to the surface. I hope this works.

Step 4: Curing Time

Wait for the mold to cure and keep your fingers crossed it worked!!

Stay Tuned to see if this worked! I learned a lot, I’ve made molds before but I guess the shape of this toy threw me off. Video + More Mold Making Adventures to Follow!